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VCA Advantages

The intelligent video analytics is a technology that is used to analyze videos for specific data for example behavior, objects or attitudes.  The biggest challenge here is the amount of data to be processed. If all images are transmitted in real time and in very high quality, extremely large quantities of data are produced which not only results in high costs for storage media and hard disks. Furthermore, the analysis of the images requires much time.


The video analytics helps to reduce the data volume.  Due to the special filters, the camera only transfers what is requested. The video images are already analysed and evaluated before either stored in camera or transmitted to management- or storage. Thus, the network as well as the performance is relieved, personnel and storage costs are reduced and time is saved.


Furthermore, false alarms, for example triggered due to animals, can be reduced to an absolute minimum. A self-learning algorithm automatically adapts to environmental changes, ignoring light changes due to cloud formation, artificial light and auto-iris camera operation as well as repetitive movements such as swaying trees or rippling water.