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VCA Packages

VCA Presence

This module is already integrated in all RIVA devices as a standard feature at no extra costs. It includes a tamper protection (moving, bagging, defocusing) as well as the motion detection. Thus, an alarm is triggered if an object appears in a predefined detection zone. Up to 40 different zones per image can be set. A self-learning algorithm ignores repetitive movements and thus reduces false alarms.


VCA Count IP

This module includes a bi-directional line-crossing filter for people counting in busy doorways and entrances. Furthermore it is also ideally suitable for counting vehicles. Thus, this module is often used to count customers in retail stores or to monitor traffic flows.


VCA Detect IP

This solution is optimal for perimeter protection. This package includes object classification as well as direction-, speed- and dwell filters.



This module is based on VCA Detect IP and includes additionally a filter for access control. Moreover it is optimized for outdoor use.


VCA Advanced IP

This module is based on VCA Surv IP and includes additionally the filter for people and vehicle counting.


VCA Track IP

While the above mentioned analytic packages are suitable for all Full HD and D1 cameras, VCA Track is a special package for all RIVA PTZ dome cameras and one channel encoders. Additional to the VCA Surv IP functions, this module includes an automatic object tracker.