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Authorities and public institutions

Improving of public safety

In order to guarantee public safety and to support public security organs and private security staff best possible, authorities and public institutions are often monitored with surveillance cameras. RIVA IP cameras provide very high quality images and the intelligent video analytics with several filters helps to improve public safety.  


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  • Protection of officials and citizens

Our video analytics filter helps to deny admission to special areas to unauthorized persons. Furthermore, conspicuously installed cameras prevent raids. 


  • Protection against theft, burglary and vandalism  

Conspicuously installed cameras prevent theft, burglary and vandalism. 


  • Assistance in investigations

In the events of attacks RIVA IP cameras assist in investigations. With very high quality images persons can be identified easily. 


  • Reduction of personnel costs 

Monitor your facility from a central position and save personnel costs. 


Our camera recommendations:

 kategoriebilder RC3102HDklein kategoriebilder RC3102HDklein kategoriebilder RC6702klein kategoriebilder RC3302HDklein kategoriebilder RC3702klein