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Financial institutions

Easy Identification of persons

In banks or other financial institutions surveillance cameras become indispensable especially to prevent and explain robbery or bank fraud. Our RIVA IP cameras provide very high quality images to identify persons.


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  • Prevention against robbery & bank fraud

Monitor your checkout areas, ATM´s, bank lockers and entrances and exits with our RIVA IP cameras and prevent against robbery and bank fraud. Check several branch offices from one central position and keep an eye on suspicious persons. 


  • Explanation of robbery & bank fraud

Our RIVA IP cameras provide very high quality images to identify persons and thus explain robbery and bank fraud. 


  • Verification of alarms

Triggered alarms can be checked directly from a central position due to transmitting data in real-time. 


  • Protection of your self-service areas

Save your self-service area against vandalism and unauthorized use. Keep an eye on it day and night from a central position or a mobile device. Furthermore, our video analytics triggers an alarm if someone spends too much time inside of it.  


  • Reduction of personnel costs 

Analyze with the VCA people counting filter how many customers at which time visit your financial institution and match the number of employees with numbers of customers in order to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce personnel costs.  


Our camera recommendations:

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kategoriebilder RC3302HDklein kategoriebilder RC3702klein kategoriebilder RC3102HDklein kategoriebilder RC3102HDklein