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Reduction of costs due to error-free logistics processes 

Nowadays surveillance cameras become indispensable in logistics processes. Companies suffer substantially losses every year due to loss of goods, damaged goods, too late deliveries or wrong inventories. RIVA IP Cameras support error-free logistic processes in your logistic center and thus reduce your costs. 


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  • Reduction of loss of goods

From incoming goods to outgoing goods – RIVA IP cameras support a complete good tracking. That protects you against loss of goods and damage of goods can be explained. 


  • Control of inventories

Keep an eye on your inventories and find the optimal date to reorder goods. Thereby, missing goods or too high storage costs belong to the past. Furthermore you can easily find out the reason for differences of the actual inventory compared to the inventory registered in your system.  


  • Enhancement of safety

Conspicuously installed cameras prevent burglary, theft and vandalism.  Hidden cameras help to identify offenders. With the VCA filter for access rules you can furthermore ensure that only authorized employees enter special areas. 


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