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Optimum protection day and night

Wide areas like large industrial areas, military bases or borders need more protection than fences and walls. Hence, IP cameras are often used to guarantee optimal protection.  Due to different light and weather conditions RIVA thermal cameras are beneficial for perimeter protection. 


Perimeter web


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  • Protection against theft and burglary

Conspicuously installed cameras prevent theft and burglary. Furthermore, our video analytics triggers an alarm whenever an unauthorized person enters special areas. 


  • Enormous reduction of personnel costs

To protect wide areas with security staff,  would lead to enormous personnel expenses and high costs. With our RIVA IP cameras it is possible to monitor your whole area from a central position. Thereby you save personnel costs. 


  • Optimal Protection in complete darkness and poor weather conditions

RIVA thermal cameras ensure best possible security also in complete darkness and poor weather conditions. Due to a weatherproof housing RIVA thermal cameras are optimal for outdoor applications. Wide range of lens angles allows covering long distances and large areas. 


Our camera recommendations: 

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